SiteBuildit Web Project Manager Job Functions - Learn What They Do...

SiteBuildit Web Manager Job Functions - Learn What They Do... Here are some of the definitions and functions of a Webmaster.

These are the most common definitions:-

The term Web Manager or Web Master is a term used for a person who helps a businessperson use online media to sell products and/or services. On a smaller site, the webmaster will typically be the owner, developer and/or programmer, in addition to the author of the content.

This broader definition of Solo Build It web manager covers not just the technical aspects of overseeing Web site construction and maintenance but also management of content, advertising, marketing and order fulfillment for the Web site. However, since the late 90s, this type of web mandger role was typically only found working on small Web sites that could be managed by one person, or in environments where there was not a great deal of role definition.

These are the most common funtions:-

If the Solo Build It web manger is hired by a larger Web site, or promoted to the position, he/she could be doing things ranging from system administrating work, to managing large projects, and making sure everyone is doing their job(s) correctly.

A webmaster is a person responsible for designing, developing, marketing, or maintaining Web site(s). Typically, the webmaster is the agent who reads user feedback and complaints about site functionality.

Core responsibilities of the webmaster include the regulation and management of access rights of different users of a web site, the appearance and setting up web site navigation. The webmaster may have many of the duties of an information architect, including ensuring site usability, user experience and menu taxonomy.

SiteBuildit Web Manager Job Functions