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List Builder Magic
How To Build a HUGE Opt-in E-mail List

A Step-by-Step, Easy-to-Follow Course for Starting and Building a Successful Opt-In E-mail Subscriber List

This guide will save you months—possibly years—of research, trial and error, frustration, and ultimately…disappointment. It also comes with a free Video Course that you can find the link to in the start of the book. The video course supplements the course and helps embed your learning. Now at some time the specific web sites etc that we refer to change and move on. Also they change hands and the service goes downhill. When this occurs if you have signed up for the Video course we will update you on these changes. Also we will send you new chapters and ideas we research. So make sure you go find that link at the very start of the book and sign up to keep updated.

I wrote this course with the help of my good friend and colleague, Jim Edwards. I have learned a lot from him about Internet marketing and have included as much of our collective wisdom as I can in this guide. His subscriber lists total approximately 50,000, and that figure keeps growing—daily!!

Within the following pages you will find everything Jim and other successful list owners do to increase the size and profitability of their lists.

I know that if you follow the steps outlined here, you will successfully increase your opt-in e-mail subscriber list to a level far above what it is now….and perhaps even further than you ever dreamed possible.

Finally! Discover the 253 “Insider Secrets” to Quickly and Easily Add Thousands of Subscribers to Your Opt-In List or Ezine… Even if You’re Starting From ZERO!

Ever said to yourself - “I wish I had a HUGE list of opt-in subscribers like those ‘gurus’ I see online making the big bucks!”

Well wish no more! You are about to discover the tips, tricks and techniques the pro’s use to build huge, profitable lists almost by magic!

Virtually Every “Guru” Who Succeeds Online Has One Thing You Don’t… A Targeted LIST of Loyal Subscribers!

To: Anyone Who Wants a BIGGER List From The Desk of Jim Edwards Re: Steve Quartermaine’s “List Builder Magic” Dear Friend,

Almost a year ago, Steve Quartermaine came to me with the question that, sooner or later, most people ask, “Do you have an ebook I can read that will tell me all the different tactics and strategies I can do to build up a list of targeted subscribers quickly?”

I told him what I told everyone else - while many of my products cover list building, unfortunately none of them detail everything you need to know in the one volume.

Everyone else who ever asked me the question just threw up their hands and went away.

But not Steve!

He decided to create the most exhaustive and complete collection of list-building tips, techniques, strategies and tactics I’ve seen in one place!

If you want the grocery list of exactly what you need to do to build your own highly profitable opt-in list… this is it!

For me, operating an opt-in list of subscribers is one of the most profitable and personally rewarding things I have ever done… it literally changed my life for the better!

I highly encourage you to read this letter from start to finish and then get Steve’s material… read it… use it… and start building a relationship with your own highly profitable list of subscribers.

Jim Edwards Co-Author, “Turn Words Into Traffic”

Welcome to List Builder Magic - 253 Tips and Little-Known Secrets For Building a Massive List of Opt-in Subscribers! The combined efforts of Steve Quartermaine and Jim Edwards.

My name is Steve Quartermaine and I have some crucial information to help you build your list now.

Are you trying to make money online? Then you need to face the sad reality that…

If you are not actively building your own list everyday, you are relying on the fact that visitors to your website will buy on the first visit or bookmark the page and maybe return later.
List Builder Magic