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For nearly 15 years, George was a high level Executive within the Oracle or Oracle Reseller Sphere.  Applications Business Development Manager for Oracle Australia  Since 1999 he's advised and coached Oracles Sales Teams and Resellers in ways to generate high value contracts via direct response, public relations and marketing strategies. During this time he with 3 other partners opened one of the UKs most successful cocktail bars and restaurants. In both cases he used direct response to drive new leads and clients to events, seminars, through the doors of his Restaurant and to sign up in droves to mailing lists.  When he left this sphere in 2003 he started The Web Master.Com business to help small companies build a web presence and to learn how to use the web to create new sales. This comprises of one to one calls, tele-seminars, editing services, Google adwords and adsense campaigns, web site creation and search engine optimisation. Later in 2004 George launched a membership website dedicated to helping small and medium sized business maximise their web presence.  By mid-2005, these simple tools were being used profitably on 287 websites in 7 countries.  George was an editor of ListBuilder Magic and is a founder moderator of the SBI forums and one of the original SBI Webmasters.
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George Slater is a fully Qualified Google Advertising Professional. Click Here For More Details Website Owners listen intently as George Slater reveals the myths - and truth - about what actually works On the Web

George Slater
CEO The Web Master
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Tel: +61 8 407 904 482

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