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Seo Perth - So You Want To Search Engine Optimise Your Site to Appear Top of Google in Perth For Search Term...

Well you've come to the right place.  There're two ways to go with Search Engine Optimisation, Do It Yourself or get somebody to do it for you.

Either way there are a number of jobs that need to be done.

Here's a list of recommended jobs that you need to complete to ensure you get anywhere near the top of Google and more importantly stay there.

But firstly let me say this.  All those people who tell you that you can do this one thing - we call these shinny objects - and boom you'll be number one are frankly full of it.  SEO is a bit of a laborious process that most business owners find as exciting as watching paint dry.  I seen less than a handful of business owners ever do it themselves over any length of time.  

That's why we do this as a service, because after trying it yourself - which I do recommend - most business owners see that its worth it, but that its not a job for them, its a job for an outsider who does it as their job.  That way you know it happening and can rest in peace and do what you are good at.

OK Starting from the top.

<h3>Buy the right URL</h3>If you have not yet bought a web domain buy one with the keywords that get lots of traffic.  The concept of building it and they will come just does not work.  If you are a local business these will often mean buying a URL with your service name in it, such as "pool heating perth" or if you are a service that does not travel and are business to consumer then "hair salon leederville". If you have already bought the URL and its the name of your business then consider buying the afore mentioned and redirecting your "company name URL" to it. Example check out you will see it turns up at  

Why do this.  Simple the name of the URL is - and when I say is this is a 99% probability - one of the first factors in the Google Algorithm for SEO.

Next set yourself up a complete Google System, including but not limited to (they are adding stuff all the time) a gmail account, webmaster account, youtube channel, Google Analytics, Picasa account, adwords account, Google Places Location, Google Map location (they are slowly merging) and a Google Plus page for the business.

Now each one of the above Google Accounts needs to be individually SEO'ed with your business information.

Here are a few of the top things to do.  Literally I cannot go through everything in depth here as just the SEOing of the Maps takes up 4 pages of check off items within the internal proceedure we use to SEO the maps.

Google Webmaster. Verify your web url/s and set them to Australia. Make sure you add a xml sitemap to your account and carry out some work on the Data Highlighter.  Full detials are in the webmaster tools.

Youtube. Set up your business channel, change the background theme to your brand image.  Add at least two business adverts with the more section filled out and with a URL pointing back to your domain.  I also would add in your phone number to the Description - that way people can easily call you.  After the vids have been up for two weeks ensure you geolocate them and update the transcriptions under the advanced tab.

Google Analystics.  Set up your Google Analytics on your site and link it to your Analytics account.  Also add your webmaster account and adwords account to your Analytics to get the full picture.

Use Google Picasa to geolocate any and all the pictures you place on your website and Google Maps, linking your pictures to Picasa really helps your site and maps with citations to help you map listings.

Set up an Adwords account.  You can fill out the form below to request a $100 voucher from us before you start (it will not work once you've created your account).  Adwords is great for adding a little more traffic to your site and for site research.

Google Places.  Make sure to either claim your business location or create a google places page.  Once the place is claimed then make sure you fill out every box that allow for.  The most important thing is to make sure you have the same address on the places page as on the website and pictures.  Very small differences means a great deal to Google Places, a wrong phone number can mean the difference between being A, B or C to being E, F or G.  On a mobile phone search that means you either page one or nowhere.

Google Maps are basically the same as Places.

You should also have a Google Page for your business like your Facebook page.