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Site Build It Book Publishing - If you own a SBI site and want to use Book Publishing to promtoe your site your services and yourself here are some helpful hints...

Are you one of those people who would just love to write a book. About your hobby, interests, food or just a good story you have.

Well news just in is that it has just got a lot easier, not the writing bit, that is always the hard bit. Not because it is hard it is actaully very easy once you get going. But getting your book published with a nice ISBN front cover and stuff that will make you look like the professional book author you want to be.

Here is a link to my book on Amzon. Retire Rich by George Slater Now doesn't that look the business!

I used to self publish this in AD with a binder and a plastic case etc. But nothing gets the "Ooooh" moment link showing this "real" book to my relatives and friends. The other one just looked like something I made up at work. This one looks the business.

If you would like to know more about self publishing on iBooks, Kindle or Smashwords I've put together a web site just for Book Publishing.

The new site is called Book Publishing Australia just go there now and have a look around.

If you are a Solo Build It Book Publishing person then there are a ton of resources you can use on SBI to help you publish your book.

All the research modules of SBI will help.