SitebuildIt Sign Up - Now To Get A Full $97 Refund On Your Starter Pack

SitebuildIt Sign Up Step by step instructions

OK How to buy a website and then how to set it up.

Here's the bit a few of you have been looking forward to.

Where to buy your SBI website and how to get a refund of $50 USD buy the SBI site to the letter here .

Small print. The refund will be paid to you after 90 days, at the end of your free trial period.

NB You must follow the instructions on how to , just take 5 minutes its all easy.

To claim your refund all you have to do is click on the link just above and then fill in this from.

Solo Build It $50 Rebate
Name *
Email Address *

We will send the money via paypal all you have to do is watch the video about setting up your paypal account and then let us now what your paypal address is and it will all work automatically.

OK If you've not done so yet here is the PAGE where you go to. You will need to find the Order Now Button just down a bit on the right. Fill in the details and do not forget to print off the confirmation page to send to us. Right Go here for

SitebuildIt Sign Up Step by step instructions To Sign Up

Once you have done that you need to go to the next video in the series.

Check back on your email for details.

Regards George

sitebuildit sign up

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