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Sitebuildit Web Hosting When it comes to web hosting for small businesses, as far as I am concerned, there is only one choice and that is Ken Envoy's SBI.

This comes from personal experience. Although I learnt to write HTML a long time ago and worked in the computer industry for 12 years and have an MBA, I had only built pages and sites that were really on-line brouchers and for in-house use.


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Sitebuildit Web Hosting Affiliate Masters Course


When I went to Launch my first business site, now no longer on the web, I used a company of "Experts" to do it for me. They had come recommended by a friend.

Trouble was they were great at building beautiful looking sites, and to be far were quite good at page ranking, but they had no idea how to generate leads, pre-sell, target pages via research and supply information, price goods. And the highly ranked pages were on words that nobody ever search for, so even though I was No. 1 there was nobody going there.

But by far worst were the costs invovled. It costs me tens of thousands. Not that is so bad but what did I get. A lovely looking site that got no leads, no traffic and I could not get them to do anything I wanted.

You see there was no way I could edit my own site because it worked off their internal systems and they let no-body in. That was their web hosting model.

So everytime I wanted an extra page it costs, every time I wanted a change it cost me.

Now you ask, how about your friend why did he recommend them. Simple he got an award for "Best looking site for Farm Machinery". So he was happy. Oh I asked him if he had sold anything off the web site. Ah, Yes, Well,... NO

So in the end I just decided I could do better myself so went off to do some research and very quickly came to SBI.

Now part of my MBA, that I mentioned, was a 30,000 word dissertation. When you write something like that your really learn research methods. So I used the same rigourous method to reseach SBI and the costs invloved.

What I found was that when you added in all the aspects of SBI web hosting it was pound for pound cheaper and far more effective than any other system out there.

That was the research bit over, but what happened when I put it into practice.

Well results that have astounded me and my clients. Top ranked pages, in a few months, streams of qualified leads demanding more information, high rankings in Alexa the directories and search engines, in fact everything and more of what was promised.

And all backed up with great books, manauals, newsletters and affliate programs.

So that is why I recommend SBI and why I demand that when I build sites for my clients that they buy Solo Build It.

Really Solo Build It is the only web hsoting company you should be looking at if you are a small business.

Nothing and I mean nothing comes even close.

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